Friday, January 15, 2010

Home stretch...

...With only a month left, time is flying by all too fast!
We were able to begin building a new wall with the leftover money and bricks from the project. It is going up side of the wall and all the doors are done. We aren't going to have time to tear down the old wall...the Peruvians will pick that up when we leave. But the new wall is beautiful! The last two teams were both here this last week. One couple (the Emmi's) from Alaska came in like a whirlwind and transformed the bare walls to beautifully decorated homes. The building, church, and dining room have all been painted. What a difference it has made...the new look has brought a new life to the complex. How amazing God is to bring the right people at the exact timing. The other team of two guys are doing the finishing touches on everything. It's all looking so clean...finishing up! Daniel Dortch has come to help out this last's nice having a friend that speaks ENGLISH!
We had the dedication service on Saturday, so we had to get everything cleaned up outside in the courtyard and in the apartments and kitchen and well just everywhere! It was a lot of work but fun when with friends! All the workers and people involved in any way with the project were invited...about a hundred people came, and we had a Peruvian feast...chicken and rice of course! =) We had a nice ceremony with the whole ribbon-cutting deal...they call it the "inauguration". The Bible school semester begins is still steadily rolling, but now we have to prepare for the students coming in.
Dad and possibly Lacey and I (Larinda) will be going down river in a week. They are planning on building two churches in Requena, a city about 14 hours away by barge. So Dad is trying to get everything finished up, especially because we'll be leaving a week or so after the river trip. Yikes time is flying! We are very much looking forward to home, and seeing everyone...very soon!

Larinda & Lindsey

p.s. Pictures are coming!!

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