Monday, September 6, 2010

Greetings from Peru! It has been beautiful here lately, not overwhelmingly hot like usual. We're enjoying that!
Let's the wedding Lindsey and I with two other ladies ended up serving over 300 people. The dining room was packed and many people had to stand up outside to eat. True to Peruvian culture, the wedding began over an hour late and we didn't eat till around 11:30pm! Fun times though. Last Monday was a Peruvian holiday, so we went to a "beach", which is nice right now cause the river is down. Tuesday I (Larinda) began teaching English at MEPI. Right now I teach one class at night. Beginning next Monday, I will begin teaching 3 classes a day. One in the morning, afternoon, and night. I also went to two different English institutes in the city and left my resume with them. They had already planned the month of September, so they will get back to me about October. So far I will be teaching only absolute beginners classes. That's the hardest to teach! It will be challenging, but will learn much I'm sure. It will be a good experience too.
Lindsey has been finishing some school, and also studying Spanish a lot! She will be using this time to learn and advance her Spanish as much as possible, as she would like to work as a medical translator in the future. I am also hoping to advance my Spanish enough to be able to work as a translator in the future. How we are living right now is definitely helping, cause we really are only able to talk English to each other! We do visit the Adams (a missionary family here) a few times a week since they live right down the street. They let us use their internet. We also have fun with their daughter (11), who is happy to have English speaking girls to visit with! :P So other than them and the two translators we see sometimes, we speak Spanish all day with everyone. Three months like this...we'll definitely learn a lot!! What an opportunity to learn Spanish through complete immersion! We're loving learning more everyday.
Saturday the 4th was La Marcha Por Jesรบs. The March for Jesus. We were here last year when it was going on, so it was fun being here again. Basically, all the churches from around the city unite for a huge parade around the city's major streets and plazas. A good majority of the churches participate. It is amazing to see so many people unite and unashamedly proclaim the name of Jesus to their city!
It is still very strange to be here without the rest of the family...we miss them a lot. All the Peruvians do too. Continue to pray for health and safety! And for wisdom and guidance as we continue these endeavors. Prayer is very much appreciated!

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