Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wow, does time ever fly! With only 5 weeks left, Lindsey and I are beginning to make the most of every day. We're beginning to realize that this is probably the last time Lindsey and I will ever be able to travel together like this. It has been an amazing experience, and we are grateful that we've had this time together before we both go off to college and then who knows from there!
We have been settled into a routine for awhile now (and leaving soon! crazy...) I teach 2 different classes in the afternoons. They are both beginner classes, but one is a little more advanced than the other. One has mostly younger students, and the other has mostly older students, some have studied English before. I love my students, and they inspire me with their eagerness to learn. One of my students sometimes walks 80 blocks to class, because he doesn't have bus money for that day (80 centimos...about 20 cents!). One day, he ran all the way in order not to be late! So, when I'm not lesson planning I'm working on a book I brought. Conformed to His Image by Kenneth Boa. It's a hefty book on spiritual disciplines. I am learning so much, it's overwhelming! As far as Spanish goes, Lindsey and I were just talking the other day about how it will be interesting to hear someone speaking and NOT understand them. We're at a point in Spanish where we can sit there and listen to a conversation and understand (almost) everything without really thinking about it. It's great!
Lindsey studies Spanish all morning...I think she'll be passing me pretty soon! Right now she's learning tons of new vocabulary (which is really what I need!). Just in the last 2 days she's learning 250 new words! Well on her way to fluency!
Two weeks ago we were (sorta) surprised with a visit from Dad! It was supposed to be a surprise, but we were pretty suspicious because the family would never answer when we asked if he was coming, and the Peruvians dropped a few hints. So he was here for 4 or 5 days...it was SO nice to see him! We had a celebration for Lindsey's 18th birthday, which was the 26th of September. Complete with Kikiriki's, Inca Kola, and cake! And of course, Linz got eggs cracked on her head! It was fun. After, we went with all our Peruvian friends to the Iquitos stadium and watched a soccer game. That was an experience for everyone! It was a first for most of us. When Dad went home, we sent curiche for the girls, praying it would make it! Curiche in the U.S.?! Amazing! (Curiche is a popsicle made from aguaje, a fruit that is plentiful here).
Random things we've done lately: walked to Nanay for ice cream...run around the courtyard in Mepi 100 times!!! (took 45 min)...played volleyball in the rain guys vs. girls with the punishment of running 20 times around the courtyard (we girls lost!)...got a cold (just me, Larinda) and really wanted a sauna, but ate raw garlic instead...made Nissu, brownies, and bread...eating WAY too much rice! The Peruvians feed us too no end, and still think we don't eat enough. But the food is so. delicious. Ah. Oh Rox, we also made the chocolate milk popsicles! Yummy. Oh, I've had 3 dreams this weeks about the whole family coming to Peru. If only that would really happen! ;)
Well, we MISS everyone SO much! Very much looking forward to seeing everyone. Love and blessings!

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  1. Thanks for the update! Totally enjoyed hearing from you! Maybe some day the entire family will be able to go back to Peru...all in God's timing! However, the family may be 1/2 the size from the last time we went...the next time!