Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting Closer!

Well everyone, we're leaving home in two days! Heading up to Kalebs on Monday then driving up to DC on Tuesday, and leaving early Wednesday morning! (6 AM)... time has flown by WAY to fast! One thing will be nice... the house will be clean when we get back! the last five days have been pretty much cleaning and swimming and cleaning and eating and cleaning and... ok you get the point. We are all very excited to go!! yet it will be sad to leave close friends but thankfully there's e-mail so we can keep in touch with them Yay! Now that we're leaving we'll be updating more or I hope anyway :-P the first month or so should be interesting! maybe I'll learn the language in a month! boy that would be nice!

Well I better skidaddle... it's 1:30 AM and I need sleep!


  1. Since we didn't have last words - maybe that was good - lol to my bff -sara - we are praying for your travels today and Renita's arm! Love You and keep us posted. Blessings, Michele

  2. ok I posted and it didn't post - Or does it take a while to show up? lol Anyway just wanted to let you guys know - your BFF is wishing she was in your suitcase! he he he I wanted to let you know we are praying through out the day and night for your travels in the air and on ground. Ps. 91 for you all. Love you and going to miss you like crazy.... we will have to have a JM and JUpton retreat as soon as you return. No matter they are - lol Blessings during you stay 100 fold and then some - hey do you have a cd player there? let me know and also the mailing address - Luv, Michele