Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Month passes...

Is it really October? It's hard to imagine the chilly weather and falling leaves. We are living in July weather! Well, sincere apologies to all you who have been faithfully checking for updates, and find nothing every day! De verdad, oops...Spanish is overwhelming my English. =) Really, we will try harder to update at least once a week.
After Team Two left, we had one week without an American team here. The work on the project continued though, in order to catch-up and be prepared for the next team. Meanwhile, we received a surprise visit from Carlene Pepper, who started the Mission with her husband. It was a blessing to meet her...she brought us to a little village called Independencia to visit a church that was recently built. It was quite a hike to get there though! First, 30 min. down the river by peki peki, then up a nearly vertical staircase, then a hot hike up the hill. Just imagine...the workers who built that church had to do that with concrete bags on their back! Whew!
Another day that week, we went to the "Marcho por Jesus" (March for Jesus). Most of the churches in Iquitos gathered together for a grand parade around the city... for 40 blocks we marched, sang, and proclaimed the name of Jesus. It was an inspiration to see so many people united for such a cause!
That same week, Lindsey cut three of her fingers open playing a turns out she fractured definitely one, probably two of her fingers. After 3 weeks, the cuts are finally closed, but the fractures are still healing. She has had to learn to eat, write, and SPIKE left-handed!
Team Three arrived the last week in September. All ONE of them! Mr. Ray was a blessing, as all the teams have been. He hired his own team of 5 Peruvian guys, and they finished all the trusses and roofing in no time.
Lindsey's birthday was celebrated in Zungarococha, the home village of the president of Mepi and his family. We visited their home church and stayed at their house for the night. Mom called it a "camping" experience, complete with hammocks and mosquito netting! :) In the morning, we visited a little church further in the country. After, we visited a beautiful little lodge by the lake, surrounded by jungle woods. It was so nice to go to the country, after being in the city for so long! Peaceful and quiet...and the smell of nature! Ahh.
Team Four arrived two weeks ago, and was again a one-man team! But with the skills of even just a one man team, and the tremendous help of the Peruvian laborers, the building is making great progress! Barry was in charge of the brick-laying...almost finished! Barry is Kentuckian, so we got to hear a Southern accent again! ;) He will be remembered for the tricks he would share after lunch. Truco! The Peruvians loved his tricks, and they beg to know how to do them. =p

Our days are filled with school, and of course studying, hearing, learning, and talking Spanish. Yes, we play volleyball almost everyday. Watch out, we'll be coming back addicted, and hopefully better than when we left! For the last month, we've been visiting a different church every Sunday, where we girls will sing and an American from the teams will preach. :D This last week we've been preparing for Ivone and Winquer's wedding, which is in less than 2 weeks. Ivone is the daughter of the president, Pastor Gehinor. All of us girls are standing in the wedding, imagine what a sight that is going to a Peruvian wedding no less!

Today we had a big dinner together with both the families that live here, as a goodbye for Barry (Team 4) and a welcome for Team 5, who arrived yesterday. Six guys...biggest team yet! We had a good time of fellowship, prayer, and singing.
Continue praying for health...I think just about everyone has gotten sick in the last two weeks. Usually lasts for 3 or so days. Dad is sick for the first time...enough that he had to stop working today, first time stopping! Thank you for your prayers, they are needed now more than ever!


Saulo singing with the children in Independencia.

Independencia's "jailhouse".

This doesn't look as steep as it really is...

Marcho por Jesus!

Fun times.

Zungarococha means "Catfish Lake"

In Zungarococha...

"Camping" :D

Peruvian birthday party for Lindsey!

A big house in Zungarococha

Water tower...

Bungalows to rent.

Complete with swimming pool...who would swim in a pool with a lake right there?!

Lindsey's fingers after about a week.

Trusses going up...

Tying in the new roof with the church.

New roof for building and church!

Just a little view of Iquitos.

A man moving a GLASS cabinet by way of bike-cart.

Team Three, Brother Ray. Roger, the interpreter, and Kitt.

The whole family with Roger, our awesome translator. Added to our big brother list! :)

A stray pig digging in the garbage. :-p Surprisingly, this is the first pig most of the little girls have seen!

We eat watermelon almost every day...still! It's October! Just reaching peak season right now.

Brick laying...


  1. So glad to see an update! Looks like lots of progress on the building.

    Happy Birthday Lindsey!

    Still praying for you all.


  2. Hi everyone! We miss you all! I am up here at Marcella's and I just read all the messages and viewed all the pictures! It's really neat. Sounds like everyone is enjoying your stay and you have been getting a lot done on the buildings. Hope all the wounds have been healing up by now without anymore major problems. They all looked quite gross! I have been remembering you all in prayer every day. What would you say if Grandpa and I flew out to see you all? Grandpa said I guess we should, but I don't know if he really would or not! This next week, Charlotte and the children will be here, also, Myra and Jere's are planning to drive out soon. We are still hoping to drive to Minnesota for Grandma's 98th birthday on November 1. You should send her a Peruvian birthday card! Well, guess this will be all for now. It was nice talking to you on the phone, Willy! It doesn't seem so far away when we can communicate! Love and hugs to everyone, and special Happy Birthday to Bethany! I sent her card to your home address. Love you all lots! Love from Grandpa, too. Love, Grandma

  3. We would LOVE for you to come see us! We have a 2 bedroom apt that has fairly large rooms. We would give you our bedroom and there is a double bed in the girl's "dorm". Tickets are $400 to Lima out of WA DC right now. Then you would have to fly from Lima to Iquitos on Star Peru is where we found the best buy. $125 is excellent price and they can go up to $200 round trip for all.
    You wouldn't have to worry about expenses here since we have all y'all need. We've learned now how to go to the market and get our food. Bible says to be content with food and raiment and we actually have a roof over our head so we are blessed. Wow! We would all be shocked if someone came to visit us!! Praying, Sara w/the rest of us

  4. Very happy to read the update :). We check frequently!
    Glad you all are doing so well!!
    Happy Birthday Lindsey :).
    Kelsey Kemerly

  5. Hi everyone! We are here at Charlotte and Todd's in Minnesota right now. We went to Michigan for Ralph Somero and Barbara Anderson's wedding. We saw lots of people there. We ran into a snow storm going into Ironwood. Spent the night at Nathan and Kristi's. We will be going to Menahga for Great-Grandma's birthday on Sunday. We heard from Myra (in WA) that they brought Jere to the hospital by ambulance yesterday. He has a bulging disc pushing against a nerve. They are contemplating surgery. May God's will be done. He is in terrific pain. Say a prayer for them. It would be nice to see you all, but I don't know if it will actually transpire. Give our love and hugs to all and may God be with you till we meet again. Love, Grandma