Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Birthday and Wedding!

This week, we celebrated Bethany's birthday with a fiesta, including our traditional cheesecake, sent from the states! Bethany was the happiest on her birthday than she has been since we got here. When asked how old she is, she now confidently replies "six!". She is beginning to talk a lot more English, yes! :-p She has stayed happier since her birthday, and is the healthiest she has been since we got here. Glory to God!

The next week Team Five worked on things like the gutters, ceiling, finishing bricks and siding, pouring some floors, electrical, and many things in between. Team Five left Friday, Team Six arrived Sunday. Team Six is three guys, one is Dad's cousin. Dad and Mom were so glad to have someone they know very well come from the states! It's good to see a familiar face after so long. This week all the floors are going to be poured...they will probably be ahead of schedule before too long. Today, the they mixed 92 bags of concrete...sand and water, 2 mixers, and 5 or so wheelbarrows. Peruvian concrete truck! All in all, the work is going great.

Saturday, all eight girls stood in Winquer and Ivone's wedding. Ivone is the daughter of the president of the mission. It was quite an experience...imagine 8 blond headed girls in a Peruvian wedding! It was a lot of fun. The wedding started at 8pm, or was supposed to. Predictably, Peruvian time made the wedding even an hour and a half later! When the ceremony ended, and the reception began, it was already midnight...Peruvians sure know how to celebrate! It was a beautiful wedding though, and we enjoyed the experience.


All the brick work finished...

Inside taking shape!

This was before the brick work...

Bethany calls baby Mateo "Baby Judah" him big hugs. (They live here at the mission with us)

Ryan getting ready to work? :D

Team Five

Bethany being HAPPY! and silly with Charity. :)

Bethany going out for her birthday!

A few wedding pictures:


  1. Thanks for the new update! You girls looked just lovely! Sounds like fun.

    Yes - you guys need to get ahead of schedule and come home early! Michele

  2. Aw y'all are so pretty! I'll bet that was a lot of fun! I'm praying for y'all.

  3. just letting you know I am thinking of you guys! Hey anything special you would like around christmas time? Something that I can sneak in Lacey's Bags? Sorry I want fit - lol But wish I could! Anything you have been craving that you can't get over there and that I can send? Let me know - okie dokie! Love Ya - Michele oh ps - the leaves are falling now and the wind is blowing - burr its getting cold.