Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yesterday was three months exactly since we have been here in Peru! It has seemed way shorter, yet way longer at the same time.
Last night, we put on a 51st birthday celebration for Pastor Ricardo, the vice-president of MEPI. He said that was the first time he'd ever had a birthday like that, with a gathering of family, friends, and cake! It is really a blessing to be able to bless people like Pastor Ricardo, who works diligently, but quietly in God's work.
Team 6 finished all the floor and sidewalk slabs ahead of time, then took a little trip in the jungle. One of the guys on the team was Bill Courtney, who is a pastor in the States. Throughout the weeks they were here, we really enjoyed going to visit churches with them and hearing ENGLISH sermons!
Team Six left last Saturday, and Team Seven arrived at MEPI on Monday. Two couples and one guy on Team Seven. They are working on the wood ceiling, which includes varnishing, sanding, and re-varnishing all the wood. It's a lot of work, but everyone has been pitching in, from the little girls to Mom! Mom of course is enjoying the fellowship of the two ladies who are on the team.
A lot of changes are happening in the political realm of Mepi...good changes. But keep that in your prayers! Everyone is healthy, thanks for your prayers in that. More later!

Latest work on the building

Varnishing...the boards never end!

Wood ceiling's beautiful

Dad looking over the plans...

The little girls talking to Kaleb

Team Six

Saulo has been helping us with our Spanish, and we're helping him learn's a big help!

The whole family took a day off and went to Zungarococha for a visit with Saulo's family...good food, swimming, volleyball, and fellowship! It was the first time we all took a day off.

We visited Guido's (a translator) village, Manacamiri...the girls enjoyed the playground!

The girls wishing they could swim in Caballococha (in Manacamiri)

It was stifling hot...the pastor served us some refreshing cold Inca Kola! :)

Celebrating Brandon's he is sharing his awesome testimony.

One night we had fun teasing the Peruvians with this toad...they're petrified of them, and were shocked when Renita picked it up!

What I call the "Peruvian Concrete Truck"...assembly line of wheelbarrows! :D

Part of the "Peruvian concrete truck"...wheelbarrows waiting in line to dump their load!

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