Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Peru!

It was the strangest thing to celebrate an American holiday in a foreign country that doesn't acknowledge the special day whatsoever. We spent our Thanksgiving with the Adams, an American missionary couple and their 10 year old daughter. We did get to preserve some traditions, like pumpkin pie thanks to a team bringing pumpkin filling from the States! However, without the normal family fellowship, plenty of extra company and food...fall weather...it wasn't quite the same. But it made us realize how much we take even Thanksgiving for granted. Christmas is going to be pretty hard.

Two Sundays ago we visited Padrecocha with Team Seven. Pastor Jose, one of the workers who walks over an hour and rides a boat 40 minutes every day to come work on the project, blessed our whole group with lunch after church. After seeing his house we were all deeply impressed with his generosity. His house was little more than a few tin sheets leaned against each other to form a small room. His house was demolished in a storm a few months ago. Team 7 felt moved to go back to their church and raise the funds to build a new house for Pastor Jose. The pastor asked Willy to lead this project so during our Christmas break we will be, hopefully, building this new home. Anyone who feels led to donate to this project send donations to:

Freedom Fellowship Church
16044 E. Main St.
PO Box 187
Mount Eaton, OH 44659
c/o Urie Hershberger

Urie will be sending the total collected in a one lump sum to save on transfer sums.
Most importantly, please keep this project in prayer!

Team Seven left last week...we had a one week break for Thanksgiving. During this time the laborers continued to stucco the walls and cleaned up to get ready for painting. Saturday we had a "Minga" which is a work day that everyone is invited to, and lunch is served. Team Eight arrived Sunday...4 guys. This week the team and workers will be working on installing lights, sinks, counters, painting the rooms, and plenty more.
Have a blessed week!

AlineaciĆ³n al centro

Team Seven

Finished ceiling! Now on to painting...

Pastor Jose

His house

His family

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