Monday, July 26, 2010

We're Here!

We made it safely! After a 12 hour layover in Miami and an almost 8 hour layover in Lima we arrived in Cusco on Monday the 26th at 9:45 am. Considering Larindas TESOL orientation started at 9 we went straight to the school. Right now she is in class and I am catching up on here. She has a break at 12 for lunch. During her break we'll go to the American cafe and hostel we are staying at to get settled in. Larinda will come back to the school for the rest of orientation and I will stay at the Hostel where I will get a rundown on what I'll be doing this week with Project CORAZON.

I'll update more sometime during the week!
Now I need to get some sleep! :-D

Love you guys!

Its me again... we got to our hostel and Larinda decided to skip out on the city tour that her school offered... we set our bags down and slept for 3 hours :-D it felt nice! when we woke up I had a tour of the place and then my orientation. I start tomorrow around 3pm... from what I hear it sounds like I'll be playing sports with the kids... for tomorrow anyway.

we're still tired and are going to go to bed early :-D talk to you guys soon!

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