Monday, August 2, 2010

Well, We've been here a week already! it seems like we just got here. yet it seems like we've been away from home for way longer!

Larinda has had school everyday except for Saturday and Sunday. So she has been pretty busy with that and then homework when she gets home. She said it's a lot more challenging then she thought it would be! But she's making it :-D
I have had Spanish lessons all week! And I am enjoying it! This first week we started on book one and have almost finished it considering most of it was stuff I already knew we could just skimmed through most of it! :-D I'm learning a lot and can already tell it's a easier to talk after just one week of classes! :-D

Here are some things we have done this week.

Wednesday was Peru's Independence Day. So I had off from Spanish lessons and Project CORASON. A lot of places were closed for the holiday but Larinda still had school since Maximo Nivel isn't really a Peruvian company. Their were ''fireworks'' going off all throughout the day. I say ''fireworks'' cause it sounded more like a guns shooting 10 times in a row :-D and it was always the same firework every time one went off. I enjoyed the restful day :-D

Friday both Larinda and I went to Project CORASON to work with the kids. We played games with then then they had a Bible story and craft. The kids really enjoy it there. And are blessed to be able to come and just be kids for a few hours!

Sunday we went to a Peruvian church. It was nice to hear the Spanish songs again! After we went out to eat with the people who live here at The Meeting Place with us. then came and relaxed in our room until 6:30. Every Sunday night they have informal English church here at the cafe. It was nice. And a good sermon too! A good quote... coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. how true is that?! after the Sermon there was fellowship... then after Church a group of us went over to Jo's house (one of the girls that occasionally volunteers here) to make s'mores. We played spoons except with cups. and had a lot of fun there! I came home thinking with and English accent! haha :D the majority of the volunteers here are from the UK.

Yesterday Larinda and I went to a friends house for lunch! It was delicious home made pizza! :-D Usually all the volunteers for Project CORASON eat lunch together on Mondays... Larinda was able to join since's she has helped out some too. After lunch we had a meeting to figure out what we would be doing this week at the Project. When that was thru we went to the Project's facility to clean out the office! It was quite a job! lots of stuff in one little room. It took us 3-4 hours to do but was totally worth it! when we got back I had quite a bit of Spanish homework to do. Did I mention I love learning Spanish? It's so great being able to understand another language! :-D

well I miss you all!
oh and My family is the absolute greatest!
I love them so much!!!!
until later,

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! Makes us all feel a part of it! Blessings, Mom