Monday, August 9, 2010

2 down 2 to go! :-D

Only two more weeks and we'll be on our way to the next city! :-D Both Larinda and I are super excited and these next two weeks couldn't go by fast enough! :-P

The past week has pretty much been the same as the first :-) Seeing as Larinda is here for school she's been going there everyday from 8am-7pm sometimes going earlier and staying later! She's had quite a bit of homework and can't wait until she's finished with that part! only one more week! then she'll teach for a week and be done! Yay!
I have been going to Spanish classes every morning Mon-Fri. Starting today (Monday) I changed from having an hour lessons to two hour lessons. I want to get as much as I can! :-D

A few things we did this week.

ok so these few weeks with Project CORASON have been a little different... Liz (Peruvian who runs P. C.) is sick and I have yet to meet her! Then Jenny (the one who hooked me up with P.C) has been on vacation. so Clare has been the temporary fill-in. She just got here a few weeks before us I think. sooooo.....

Tuesday - Clare (long term volunteer with Project CORASON), George (1 month volunteer with P.C.) and I went to the Project. Tuesday is sports day... there is a man who coaches the futbol (soccer) games.... so we were going to be playing futbol and volleyball! :-D I was excited. We went up there... climbed ''the hill'' and started getting stuff ready to bring to the field when Clare got a call saying the the man who oversees Tuesdays is sick and couldn't make it. Since Clare, George or I have never been to or done a Tuesday and Clare was starting to get sick we decided the best thing to do would be to go home and Clare rest up so she could come to club the next day seeing as she was the ''leader'' for the week. That was fun... haha I suppose :-P

Wednesday - there weren't very many kids at the club today. Though I was able to play basketball with one of the boys from the club. It was fun even though it was one of those really small hoops. And with the altitude difference I got tired pretty fast!

Thursday - Today was Bible club day at the club. But not very many kids came so we ended up just playing some games and building things. Decided to wait until another day when more kids came. That night Larinda and I were able to have cheese and crackers... I know it may seem funny that I see that as a highlight of the week... but if you've ever lived in a foreign country for any amount of time you appreciate small things like that! :-D We also were able to talk to mom a little over skype and heard all about canning peaches!

Friday - We had a dentist come to the club and give a little lesson on teeth. He gave all the kids their own toothbrush.

Saturday - I worked in the Cafe from 8:30-2 (those are the hours of the cafe) I enjoy working there... making the drinks and washing dishes and just having a good time. I had quite a bit of homework to do... my next lesson I was going to finish book 1! yay!! then Larinda and I walked around the city some. then we had some ice cream and watched a live basketball game thru the store window. It was quite amusing! :-D The players were all older... maybe in their 40's give or take a few. They were good for their age :-P Watching basketball made both Larinda and I want to play! after ice cream we went to Larindas school Maximo Nivel. Larinda was going to meet her ''tandem'' Where she would practice her Spanish and the other would practice his English. We waited for 45 minutes but he never showed up so we headed home. :-o

Sunday - We listened to Paul Washer. "The Sovereignty of God and World Missions''. I always enjoy Paul Washer. Later in the day Larinda and I took a stroll about the city. Went to a plaza that was packed with people! found a boy selling popcorn ''dulce'' It was like Iquitos memories! yeah! ate some popcorn then we went to a restaurant and had Chaufa!!!! It was SO good and we both got so stuffed :-D When we got home we had a little time before English church started downstairs. After Church we were able to talk to all the girls and even both mom and dad! I completely enjoyed that! I love talking to them :-D

Monday - (Today) I had my first two hour Spanish lesson! it's getting hard. or has been getting hard. but I love it still... that just means I'm learning even more of it! :-D Mondays are off days... the Cafe is closed and there isn't Club either. Larinda also doesn't have school... though this morning she did have to teach a mini lesson. But we both got home within 5 minutes of each other. :-D I've been enjoying just relaxing! I've been colder today so I've been under a huge blanket pretty much since I got back from Class :-D

Hope you'v enjoyed a little peep into our lives here!
until next time


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